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Zen Therapy / Counseling

Wanting to slow down the "speed of life"?  Do your goals keep receding into a future that never arrives?  When we add the chatter in our mind to the incessant chatter all around us, we loose our bearings.  Too much information, too little time.  Here I can almost always help.

Zen Therapy and Zen Counseling occurs in the freshness and immediacy of this very moment, apart from a troubling past or worrisome future.  In that openness, self-acceptance can dawn and a way through often spontaneously presents itself. 

Forty years of contemplative practice and teaching shape the attention I bring to our time together.  Clients tell me they see change almost immediately.  Join me for an Online Video Session in the comfort and privacy of your home or come to my office in Sebastopol. 

Jeff offers ZenTherapy / Counseling virtually and as well in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, San Rafael, Marin County. Please contact Jeff at (707) 823-3329 for a free initial consultation.




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