Marathon Couples Counseling

Have you brought relationship issues that seemed “perpetual” to weekly Couple’s Sessions, which ended before you got to the core dilemma?  Jeff and Roberta have found that joining you as a Married Couples Team in the context of multi day intensive “immersion therapy” can  yield fundamental breakthroughs that are both durable and lasting.

We begin with an in depth online assessment that identifies the most fruitful therapeutic interventions specific to the unique couple that you are. From there we accompany you both through an experiential journey, gaining skills and insights that are doorways into deeper trust, commitment and intimacy.

We work with you both together and as individuals over the
course of one, two or three days, meeting twice each day for two 3 hour sessions, with breaks interspersed, to integrate new ways of being a couple.  Are you ready for a quantum relational shift?

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