Contemplative Mentoring

Throughout 40 years of meditation practice, Jeff has had the privilege and distinct advantage of personal relationships with a series of talented and insightful teachers from the Zen and Vajrayana traditions. Many of us in the West have been exposed to practices and teachings that have opened and enriched our own spiritual journey. We are at a time of integration in Western society of  two great spiritual streams that have evolved separately over the centuries in the East and the West.

As Westerners, our psychological sophistication has supported our understanding of neurosis and mental pathology . At the same time, Eastern contemplative disciplines have made available experiences of our core Being , it's innate peace and perfection. The unique challenge that we face in our fast-paced society is finding an integration of these more contemplative perspectives with the demands of modern living. I have found that the support and guidance of a spiritual mentor can make all the difference in sustaining progress and avoiding sidetracks that inevitably present themselves. As we engage more deeply with practices that have traditionally been  pursued only in the context of a personal student-teacher relationship, our own self-deception evolves along with our practice, becoming more subtle and elusive.

What I offer is an invitation to an ongoing periodic check-in with your meditation practice, finely tuned to your individual temperament, the maturity of your practice and current inner or outer circumstances that bear upon your progress.In supporting your contemplative path, I draw upon my own 40 years of practice and teaching meditation as well as my training as a psychotherapist, where appropriate. Meetings are scheduled according to individual needs and may vary in their frequency and duration as your own experience requires. We can meet in person or via video conferencing in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

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