In these challenging times, that is calling forth the very best of who we are, it is important as women to gather, share and empower each other. How can we be of service and benefit our family and friends? How can we support each other at this unprecedented time? We are in this together in and the whole world is affected.

This gathering will open with a period of silence and meditation. We will create together a strong healing focus and envision the elimination of the Corona Virus and then share our present challenges and commitments in this community of deep, heartfelt women. The group will meet on alternate Thursday evenings starting next Thursday, March 26th at 7 PM.    

There is no charge for this gathering.  You are welcome to invite your friends.  If there is a large response, a second group will be formed starting on Thursday, April 2nd, same time.

Dates & Time:      Thursday, April 2, 16, 30 from 7 - 9 PM  

Location:               Online 
Information:         For more information, please e-mail Roberta at 
[email protected]

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