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Cultivating Presence

Finding secure home ground in this very moment is key to enjoying whatever the world throws our way. How do we easily find this, naturally without needing to struggle. We are, at our core being, completely fresh and present to the experience of this moment. This is apparent when we pause to notice that perception, the direct experiences of hearing, tasting, sensation, and seeing are continually occurring without effort. Perception is innocent and does not "need our help" to naturally occur. This is so very close and a part of every minute of our lives yet we barely notice. We failed to rest in the immediacy of present experience. What is it about us that prevents the freshness of this present moment? Because our attention is rarely in the moment, we habitually dwell in anticipation of the future or remembrance of the past. And yet the only place the experience of Being alive occurs is in this very present moment.

How do we find our way back into this forever fresh moment? At first we must "Come to our senses”……. and rest, however briefly, in whatever sensory experience is primary in the moment. Taking a "timeout" to attend to the five outer senses that connector us to the world of sounds, sights, smells, tastes and sensations. The effect will be an immediate release from the "Inner world" of thoughts and emotions. To recognize this alternative, however briefly, is in itself liberating into direct experience, as opposed to the "secondhand" experience of the nonstop commentary regarding the first-hand actuality of the senses.

There is a speed of thought after thought, a velocity which infiltrates our overall pace of life.  What's the hurry?

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